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Dr Raviprasad Krishnamurthy is the founding Director
of nDure Technologies Pty. Ltd. He founded nDure in
July 2009 following a significant contribution to the Australian Nanotechnology scenario. His contribution in developing the first nanomaterial commercialised by Australia in 1997 is laudable. With over a decade of experience in developing nanomaterials for industrial applications he joined Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd (NanoVic) in January 2005.

Ravi has specialist expertise and experience in nanotechnology, metallurgy & materials R&D, and has an impressive academic and industrial record.

Ravi has a Ph.D and M.Sc (Eng.) in Metallurgy from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India; a M.Sc (Physics – First Class) with major in Solid State Physics and a B.Sc (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – First Class) from the Bangalore University, India and has also:


nanomaterials Authored or co-authored 47 articles published in
International Journals to date.
Co-edited two conference proceedings as well as being involved in the overall organising of various conferences.
Significantly contributed to developing first ‘nano’ product (nanoparticles of BaTiO3) commercialised in Australia.
Worked on diversified nanotechnology projects portfolio aimed at Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Energy, Chemical, Electronic, Textiles and Biotech industries.


At nDure Technologies, Ravi is involved in consulting, developing, sourcing and commercialisation of advanced materials technologies and he has developed an impressive portfolio of technologies/products based on nDure’s N.E.E.D. Program - Nanotechnology, Energy, Environment and Devices. Using his expertise on the fundamental behaviour of materials, he applies clear business acumen to promote nDure through his vast global network of contacts. Recognising his skills, Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC) of India has invited him to be on their Corporate and Academic advisory boards, which he has accepted. Ravi acts as an expert on Nanotechnologies and is Head of Nanotechnologies at aadiDefence.

As Program Manager at NanoVic, Nanomanufacturing,
Ravi has contributed to and directed a number of significant projects aimed at the needs of local industries and partner institutions of NanoVic. These involved the incorporation of nanoparticles and nanotubes in various polymers or aqueous media used by local companies. He has guided developing products at lab scale and successfully transformed them to industrial scale without any changes to common processing methods used by the concerned industries. He was instrumental in commercialising a technology developed
at a local University by identifying an Indian manufacturer with a global distribution network. Ravi’s efforts working with a local consumer products firm and with research organisations saw the submission of two patent applications by NanoVic.
As the safety officer of NanoVic, he has outlined ways to
safely handle nanomaterials and has guided a student team
to design & develop safety labels highlighting the inherent respiratory hazardous nature of nanoparticles.

Ravi’s networking and close working relationships have resulted in nDure entering into international collaborations with technology developers, manufacturers and venture capitalists. While at NanoVic, he led NanoVic to be part of
an $82.5 million Defence Consortium located in Melbourne. He brought a number of advantageous international links to
it that helped local SMEs develop nano-modified products.
He liaised with (and still does) multinational companies
up to and including price negotiation for commercial supply
of nano materials.

Ravi’s efforts were pivotal in commercialising the first product developed by NanoVic as well as entering NanoVic into international joint venture negotiations and he plays a key role in helping other Australian and NZ based businesses initiate and develop relationships worldwide, particularly with India, through his intimate knowledge of exciting technological industries and contacts and uses his networking skills to bring about these invaluable international partnerships.

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